Helping Hands

Welcome to Lockdown Social,

You are one of the first here so come in and make yourself at home..Pun intended..

We have created Lockdown Social so anyone can list What's on and What's needed Where over Lockdown, such as online events, classes, challenges, eSports, Jobs, Helping Hands, what ever takes your fancy. More and more people are working out how to work and live remotely and we think one of the first things is to have a hub where you can see what's going on either in your local area or by your needs and interests.

By creating an account you can quickly make listings and add sessions to manage virtual tickets, appointments, group events or something completely new. We have even provided a video conferencing platform, but you can use whichever one you prefer such as Zoom, Go To Mtg, Hangouts, etc. We simply help you manage the listings, bookings and issuing or selling your tickets.

We will be adding further services as we go, but the aim is to bring together communities to help each other during and through the recovery of Lockdown. There are many challenges and the way in which we work, live, communicate, support and share have changed and will likely be very different even as we return to some "normality".

So for now please make some listings, create some sessions, invite some friends to a social, run a club or charity event, give it a go and help us make something special.

If you are interested in helping or sharing ideas and feedback then please get in touch.



* please note ticket payments are turned off at the moment as we work out the best / most efficient way to manage this for everyone.